Marathon Shmarathon

It’s 9 days till the Flora London Marathon 2008, I’ve been in training since Feburary 2nd if I remember rightly and I’m feeling pretty lack lustre about the whole thing.
Those that know me, understand that I’ve trained everyday since early feburary putting in hundreds of miles over the past couple of months with the intention of putting in a finish time to better my 3hrs 39mins result from last year.

I was doing brilliantly, with no visits to the physio, no nagging tendon pains in my knee, and feeling more powerful whilst running, that is till mid march.
I managed to catch a cold on the 17th which is still with me to today and just if I thought I was all but clear of that, I managed to somehow damage my Achilles tendon just behind the heel whilst out doing a 10 miler.
I’m pretty much limping it hurts that much when I contract my calf to push off when walking.

So taper down training has now turned into gym visits to the cycle machine as it’s the only thing I can do which’ll spin my heart over at a running pace without repetative heavy strain on my tendon.

Here’s hoping it turns all good for the big day and I can get round in at least a jog. I’ll be gutted beyond belief if I have to walk round because of injury.

Mr B

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