Lost in translation

Since I’ve been spending a chunk of my time chasing booty on one of the Internet’s larger dating sites, I think I’m slowly realising why My Single Life™ is perhaps being stretched out a little more than it could be.
My cheeky and sometimes borderline rude way of addressing people which is usually accompanied with a Cheshire grin to match any cat when in person, is not really received the same way when introducing myself on an email.
I’m guessing any chicks out there that have been un/fortunate enough to be bothered by me are probably cursing my rudeness as they read anything I’ve written and hitting the delete key with unusual ferocity. This all came to light when mentioning my ‘technique’ to some buddies as I’d spotted a real nice looking chick and was on tenterhooks waiting for a response, at which point I realised I probably wouldn’t be getting a reply…. again!

So here in lies my predicament.. I’ve actually got to be nice to people!?! Damn it.. this could be tough ..

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