London Marathon Update

Righto.. here’s the deal.

I’ve been to see the Physio and the Chiro in the last couple of days and the result is that I’ve got inflammation around the Achilles Tendon at the back of the ankle. There’s nothing mechanically wrong with me, i.e. it’s not about to snap and there’s no tearing of the muscle/tendon but the deal is when I run it hurts like a bitch. Brilliant!
I’ve been told to Ice it, stretch it and rub it in Zortosol 4 times a day which could/should reduce the inflammation enough by the time Sunday comes round that I won’t be in bucket loads of pain whilst I’m running.

So that’s it! I’ve been given my new 2008 running vest, It’s exactly the same White with Red side panels as last year, just with 2008 on the back rather than 2007 and I’ll be wearing similar (not the same!) Grey and Red bullet shorts with White Mizuno trainers.

I’m going to basically plod round and do something around 8 minute mile’s. So anyone coming up to watch on the route would do well to look at the route mile markers and work out where I should be for any given mile using 8 mins per mile as a calculation. That should give me a finish time of anything from 3hrs 30mins to 4hrs depending on how the Achilles problem treats me.

I’ve heard there’ll be a little WWF-UK finishing party that some staff are sorting out for myself and Colin that are running. I’m looking forward to seeing their faces already, and it’s only Tuesday!

Wish me luck!

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