Slave to the Marathon

No, not the impending Flora London Marathon that’s coming up Sunday and causing me so much grief, I’m talking an ’07 Speciaized Epic Marathon I’m basically a bit fed up with my Pace RC40 forks on my current ’03 Epic. I thought the RC40’s would be great, but after a few years of owning them and putting up with looking at the lush carbon forklegs and their complete lack of smooth travel, I’ve decided that I really really woulda been better off owning a pair of Fox Float RC’s.
So in the true dramatic fashion, instead of getting a new pair of forks I figured It’d be better to upgrade to the new Brain Fade rear shock and the new M5 frame design by getting a whole new – second hand – bike. Especially if I end up deciding to re-align my cardiovascular efforts in the direction of a few Cross Country mountain bike races this year, it all makes perfect sense and I’ve justified any expense perfectly – In my head!

We’ll see how I get on Ebay fiending over the next week and see if I’ve anything shiny and black with two wheels attached come then. 🙂

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