Wyse Thin Clients

I’m now the owner of a couple of second hand Wyse thin client hardware devices.

I’ve bought an S10 and an S90 which are differentiated by the fact that the S10 is super lightweight as it only runs Wyse’s own ‘WTOS’ Wyse Thin Operating System, supports RDP and ICA connections straight off the hardware and the S90 which has Windows XPe installed on it for rich local experience support, video, browser, java etc.

I’ve got them in on a whim as I don’t feel we’re moving fast enough at my work to get towards a meaner leaner greener IT infrastructure. These boxes only use 4watts of power each so compare that to an HP small form factor PC like the ones we’ve deployed in my organisation which has a 240watt PSU and you’re making a 98% power saving per person by using them. Now don’t get me wrong, these aren’t for everyone. The likes of me, a network admin, for example may struggle to get by on one, though to be honest the only good reason I can come up with right now is I’ll lose my DVD burner.. Hmm.. but anyhow, there’s power users that’ll require more than your average Email Client, Office suite and PDF reader which is a perfect fit for Wyse hardware and they’ll need to keep their desktops or something of that kin.
But even so, if 75% of a 300 user organisation moved to 4watt power consumption, that’s 54Kw power drain reduced down to 900watts. Serious figures huh.
Now I’ve not talked about the back end infrastructure that’ll be needed to supply the thin client experience to the users, that’s for another post. Suffice to say, I’m very happy my manager has just bought us a HP Bladesystem to power our VMware Infrastructure which means there’s lots of very efficient power to do all that.

Peace and out

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