Final CCSP Exam

I’ve started the last piece of the CCSP puzzle this week. Whilst I’ve got elephantiasis of the foot from the Marathon I can’t really do much so I’ve started reading Cisco Security Agent and Advanced Host Intrusion Prevention with CSA which are the two kinda reading material requirements for the exam as well as deploying the CSA software in a test environment which’ll be my next step sometime next week when I’ve ploughed through the both of these epics.

I’ve just noticed that Cisco have now made available the 642-591CANAC Implementing Cisco NAC Appliance as a final option for me to gain CCSP status, though I think I’ve less resources for studying that. I’ve been preparing to study for the HIPS exam gathering documentation and evaluation software for a while so it seems dumb to go for the CANAC exam at the last minute, even though it’d be slightly more beneficial in my job.

So with all that said, I should hope within the next month to have climbed the heady heights and gained a Cisco Professional level certification which’ll be chuffin great!

2 thoughts on “Final CCSP Exam”

  1. Hi Anthony,

    Hardware wise, I administer PIX’s (now gone), ASA’s, 1800 ISR routers and 37** and 36** switches at work which are fairly static but still I built the firewalls from scratch and have a good understanding of the config of the switches. Then I’ve got an 1801, two 2960TT switches for doing STP and EtherChannel stuff, a 5505 ASA, two 2610XM routers, a VMware built 4215 IPS and Dynamips running any number of 7200 12.4T IOS routers at home.
    I attended the SNPA and the SNRS courses and used a few Cisco Press books on Safari to help me along too..
    I’ve chosen HIPS as my optional exam as I have a copy of the CSA MC 5.2 CD so I can test away with that and at the same time work out whether it’s worth a 10 agent pack license for any of the kit at work.
    Good luck if you’re pursuing the same track!

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