Life with a knackered foot

I went back to the scene of the crime today. I was up at London Docklands for a meeting with an ISP and walked the streets that saw me triumph against them, yet kindly gave me all this pain in return. I think I can almost photographically remember the entire route, around every corner I was looking for somewhere to collapse out of sight and get the weight off my foot!

I’m back at the gym now too even though I’m not doing anything with my feet, I’m just getting a few weeks of muscle stimulation out the way before I start weight training properly. Whilst doing some barbell curls I noticed how much my right calf has wasted or just reduced in size from the lack of use. It’s noticeable even standing 10ft away so I’m dead keen for that to stop as I don’t want a weedy leg! I’ve convinced myself it’s only from the direct lack of use over the past 10 days or so and the way I’ve been limping and not bending my ankle. Give it a couple of days of normal use and a weights session and it’ll return to shape and not look out of place.

Thanks again for everyone that sponsored me for Sunday and supported the cause!

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