New Mission

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to stick a stone and half on in lean muscle mass.

It’s been a week since the Flora London Marathon now. My foots well on it’s way to recovery, the pain is now isolated to just the tendon and the swelling is all but gone. I started back at the gym on Wednesday and I’ve been mostly cracking out 30/40 minute sessions on the cycling machine and then doing 20/30 minutes of strength training on various bits of my body.

I’ll be looking to spend the next week getting back into the swing of weights by doing some casual training at lunchtime maybe topped up with some more of the same, or some cardiovascular work in the evenings. Then, in a weeks time, I’ll stick a proper 3/4 day cyclic routine down for 6 day a training week and get on the Cyclone to kick start the weight and strength gain. I’ve already got a tub and a half of Cyclone kicking around from earlier this year, so it’s dumb not to use it.
All things being equal, I should be able to gain the weight I want by about February next year. It’ll be good fun being able to eat all the time again and appreciate the weight gain, rather than eat ferociously and watch the weight drop off as you do when you’re Marathon training.

At the end of May, I’ll have monitored my food intake and weight gain and I’ll post my weekly diet so you can see how much I have to eat a week to get by!

Bring on the Beefcake!

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