Birthdays, Summer and Lost

Okay, so I guess you could tell I was just a little bit pissed off in my last post. I had a great/awful weekend for one reason or another and works been kinda getting to me lately so it all kinda came to a head and I did some blurting out. Sorry about that – though the content’s honest, I can usually keep a lid on it, I’ve managed it for three years so a few months shouldn’t make too much difference to the game plan. I’ve just gotta kep my head in the right places.

On another note – It’s May tomorrow which is officially wicked as it’s my Birthday month! I’m off to see Bonobo and co at Jam for Bread at the Shepards Bush Empire tomorrow night which I’m well looking forward to. Then it’s off to the Synergy Centre on Friday for Cosmic Tims own Birthday Bash which I’m sure will be good fun what with the Synergy crew being a lovely bunch of people.

Come the end of the month, I’ll be wandering down to Sunrise Celebration for another Birthday-ish bash where I’ll be getting busy with Eat Static and System 7 AND The Orb plus my buddies FireFly Solar are putting on the second stage there so it’ll all be a great weekend I’m sure!

All this after I’ve started Lost Series 4 and DAMITT I’m hooked and can’t stop watching it already! I’m only on episode 3 and I want to just play them one after the other! šŸ™‚

Suffice to say the study for my HIPS exam has kinda fallen by the wayside and I’ve rechduled to the 9th May, but I’ll see how things go and may well re-schedule again. I don’t really wanna be studying too much over my Birthday and all. I’ve noticed it’s kinda dull putting on Host based Intrusion prevention systems on hosts that aren’t even connected to the Internet or some other live network. So given that I’ll soon have my ESX server setup so I can bridge hosts through my router on Global IP addresses, I’ll probably wait till then so I can see some real nasty stuff going on. Winner.

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