Renaming Windows Domains

I renamed my Windows domain a few weeks back. There were a few things that caught me and weren’t so obvious.

Keep all Domain Computers on during the process – that’s workstations the lot.

Try and ensure every domain machine is on when you commit the domain rename process. I found that machines that weren’t powered on when the rename occured had to be removed and rejoined to the domain as they wouldn’t pick up the new domain automatically. With your servers this shouldn’t be a problem of course but workstations are usually switched off. This ends up giving you a problem in the form of
x amount of users that are all sitting there in the morning trying to log on and needing help even though your server migration went fine.

Server Service Accounts.

Use a tool like Hyena to quickly view services on your servers and check to see what account is being used for the service log on. Make a note of these accounts, make sure you have access to the password or if not worst case reset it and change it in the service context so you know where your at, post rename ensure these have all changed to the new domain and if not re-enter as needed, SQL Server Service accounts have to be renamed using SQL Enterprise Manager NOT using the Services console. see KB283811

Authentication on IIS servers.

Check your basic or integrated authentication settings and check the domain name used to authenticate users to your IIS
servers and change that post event if needed.
Aside from the above my experience of renaming the domain went quite well. A note to remember though. When your using the rendom command and repadmin commands, give them time. If they come back and error for the first partc chill out for a few minutes and try again. They do come good eventually.
I found this when trying to execute rendom a couple of times, just sitting back grabbing a coffee and
doing some documentation along the way found me able to complete the exact same command just a little later, so be patient!

Good luck if your going to do it!

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