Up and Running

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted my movements and hinted to anyone what’s going down in my world.

I’m now setup at home. After a very long house move, I’m finally sitting down at a desk which I can work from and feel pretty much sorted. I’ve spunked alot of money and sold alot of stuff but it’s just to get me back into the real world of real sized houses. I’ve always horded a fair amount of shite and since living in the ‘Biggest House in Croydon.com’ I’ve been far from efficient in my ways. I’m now downsized but upstyled.

I recently purchased a lovely new bed and mattress from the only FSC certified bed maker in the UK – Warren Evans. It’s absoloutely smashing and has helped my wellbeing no end. You don’t realise how much a good nights sleep is worth till you’ve got one. You’re always like ‘nah – I get to sleep and wake up again alright’ .. but seriously, there’s sleeping and there’s sleeping! I’d reccomend even if you’re not in the market for a new sleeper, popping into the showroom at Clapham Junction station and giving them all a try, I had great fun doing just that!

My physical fitness target for the moment is to retain the new 11st figure I’ve moved up to and then complete the Nike Human Race 10k at Wembley on the 31st in my PB time of 38:41 or less. It’s gonna need plenty of food and plenty of training but I’m in for the game and hope to achieve just that.

Signing off for now, hope to waffle some more soon.


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