Sailing the Planet

Every decade over the past 30 years the Planets population has increased by almost 1 billion. That’s more people added to the sum total population every decade than the total population of the Planet in the year 1800. Now, I know we’re technologically advanced and all, we’ve got clever gadgets coming out of our ears, but I really do think there’s too many Human Beans.
Really, do you really think having a hoarde of children is a sustainable thing to do in this country, in this day and age? It’s not a Big Brother shall tell you you shall only have one child statement, it’s more “Why do you think that having 4 kids is the right thing to do?”
Seriously look around at the Environment, the Biosphere that all nature resides in and tell me it looks like it needs more humans?! We are Nature, we’re not some all dominant all knowing creature that flopped onto Planet Earth from afar and subsequentley reside on top of nature and knows better or more than it. To live in harmony with our environment is key to keeping our Civilisation going.
I guess that’s really what I’m getting at. Humans have the tenacity to survive alot of things, nature far more so, but if we’d like to keep the Civilisation that we’ve so rapidly built in the last few centuries, we need to seriously adjust our thinking, behaviour and appreciation for the world around us and start realising we’re sailing on this ship and we need to treat it well before it comes and bites us in the ass.

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