v2v Disk Resize Failure

Rightly or wrongly I quite contently use VMWare Converter for my Windows boxes to increase the size of disks should I come up against it for whatever reason. Usual things, test boxes going into production when they weren’t intended to and such like.
It’s nice and easy, GUI based, no brainer style, but for one reason or another a v2v increasing a Win 2003 system disk size didn’t go to plan the other day so I tried it again and nada. Damn and feck!

To get round the problem, I used the VIClient to copy the VM’s disk to a subfolder in the machines vmfs datastore folder as I wanted to preserve the original vmdk file in case of problems, I also couldn’t be bothered to look up the syntax for the vmkfstools disk copy command. *Note: if you’re thinking of using cp from the Service Console with vmdk files – DON’T. There’s reasons why you shouldn’t. Look it up!*

Then I attached the copied disk to an existing Windows 2003 server checked out the volume in the Disk Management console, sure enough it all the space wasn’t allocated to that partition. Then I used the diskpart utility to select the volume I was interested in volume 1 in this case and extend to magic the partition up to size. Everything looks good. Shut down the Windows 2003 ‘helper’ VM and attach the newly modified disk to the original v2v’d VM to see if it’s working and making use of the new space. After a quick reboot while it buggers around finding devices, the system comes up clean with all the space I’d originally wanted to allocate to it. Winner!
Hope this helps anyone else get round a failed v2v disk resizing.

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