Moving IIS from one Subnet to another

I Moved a Win 2003 IIS server from one subnet to another today, this resulted in the web site staying stopped, refusing to start. Re-configuring the site using the IISAdmin GUI to use the new system IP’s gave no joy. I noticed it was causing event id 1130 from the W3SVC service to appear in the system log when trying to start IIS, so.. on further burrowing I found that using the httpcfg utility was neccesary to sort everything out.

Firstly I ran httpcfg query iplisten to show the addresses that are configured.
Then httpcfg delete iplisten -i <ip address> to delete the old IP from your old network
Then add the new IP using httpcfg set iplisten -i <new ip address> to set the correct one.

Restart your server and now check your site and you should find it happily running without causing any system events to get logged.
Happy days.

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