Dodgy iPhone 3G Signal

I’ve recently converted to the iPhone 3G and was on the verge of taking the thing back under my 14 day cool off under O2’s contract. I was experiencing awful call reception and sporadic text messages and voicemails coming into the phone resulting in unhappy punters wondering why I wasn’t answering phones and texties. Well being that the thing is primarily a phone I was on the verge of taking it back until the cheif iSheep in my office told that turning 3G off would stop the iPhone from by default trying to use 3G networks for voice even though the reception might be rubbish and a 2G one would be absoloutely fine.

So this I did, turned off the 3G until I wanted to do some browsing of course and day to day it’s seemed fine now and I’m far happier with it. So I’m not quite in contract yet but as long as I don’t get deeply annoyed within the next two days, I’ll be an iSheep too for the foreseeable future.

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