Finally, a CCSP to boot.

It’s taken me about 2 years, but I passed the last CCSP requirement exam and received my CCSP certificate and ID card through the post today. I did giggle when I read on the cover note ‘You are part of an Elite group of highly trained networking professionals who have chosen to extend their knowledge and strengthen their credentials through Cisco Career Certifications.’ Makes me sound like I should have some tac boots and an MP5 strapped onto me shouting ‘STEP AWAY FROM THE FIREWALL!!’

Anyhoo, I’m secretly quite chuffed about the whole thing and what made it nice was that the HIPS exam was relatively easy compared to the IPS and ASA exams. Though on visiting the CCSP cert page I’ve noticed Cisco have added retirement dates to some of the exams I’ve done and added more relevant ones (to me at least) which would have qualified me for CCSP status. The one of most interest was the Securing Networks with ASA Advanced exam which I would have swopped with my HIPS exam given the chance. I don’t see myself using CSA anytime soon though it’s good to know the whys and what fors and all that.

As they say .. WINNER 🙂

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