My New Tool

Just last week I bought myself a second hand Specialized Epic Comp ’08 model. I’ve been after an ’07 Epic Marathon for yonks as it’s my fave colour (black) and had all the groovy stuff hanging off it that I wanted for an upgrade to my existing ’03 Epic.

Alas only one ever popped up on EBay and I missed out on the bugger by a fiver, but since seeing the spec of the ’08 Comp model, it was pretty much equivalent to the ’07 Marathon, so when one popped up just recently, I snapped it’s arms off bought the bugger and I’ve not looked back!

Apart from the reas shock being buggered which was swiftly replaced FOC by Specialized within the week, it’s was an absoloute bargain. I’ve been out for 3 rides on it so far, all fairly lengthy and It’s been a dream to ride. The crank is stiff as hell, the front forks are plush as you like and the rear sus you hardly notice. it’s hard as nails on a climb and kicks in just right on the downhills. Love it.

One of the other things that I’ve really noticed is cool is the grip from the tyres that the guy supplied with the bike. I’m usually a fan of Panarace Fire XC Pro’s or Cinder’s, but these Specialized Captain 2.0’s are absolutely awesome! I can’t fault the grip they’ve given me in all sorts of muck so far and I think after I’ve tried the Cinders again, I’m going to be convinced that the Captain’s are a better tyre!

All in all a well chuffed lad with his new tool šŸ™‚ .

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