Brain Ache

My god, I thought things would kinda get a little easier when I got the latest certifications under my belt. How wrong could I be!

I’ve magically managed to line up Citrix CCA on XenApp5, Windows MCTS on Active Directory, CCNP and VMware Certified Design Expert all which I want/would like to have written off come May next year. I’ve got a day job to do too! Does the power of certification not know this!

Though to be fair, it does feel like one of the first times I won’t be chasing the technologies and I’m actually getting qualified at or near the point of product release rather than nearer the exam retirement date which seems to have been a trait of mine in the past. That can only be a good thing.

I’m currently reading up on the Cisco ONT exam after attending the Cisco Curriculum course. It’s quite a challenging one and I think I’ve done it a little arse about face given the recommended way of attacking the CCNP seems to do the BCMSN or BSCI first then the ISCW and ONT last, but hey ho, Exams on the 14th November so we’ll see how it goes.

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