ONT Exam

I’m feeling deflated about the exam I have in the morning. I think that I’ve actually bitten off more than I can chew, even though the official curriculum course I attended ‘should’ have prepared me well, I’ve actually felt more value from using CBT Nuggets training video’s than from the instructor led course.

I want to take it and feel confident about it, but I frankly don’t. I don’t have time to scratch my arse at work, let alone squeeze in a sneeky hours revision or kit playing, and it’s getting worse. My workload is building exponentially yet my ability to trawl through it is only as good as it’s ever been and I’m not exactly one to hang around.

I think I’ll take a step back should/when I fail this and get my 2960 switch, 1800 and 2600 routers out with the VoIP phone and spend a good deal of time building some weighty practical knowledge on the configuration of an ‘end to end’ as they say QoS model. Most of my knowledge is theory and well backed up but I don’t feel confident about walking in fresh and smashing a load of kit together and saying ‘there you go – you’ve end to end QoS, your voice calls will be fine and you’ve got loads of traffic classification too’.

That’s without buggering about with the frankly annoying Wireless section of the course which I’ve been told is disproportianally weighted in the exam.

Anyhoo, I’ll post my results, but in the meantime I’ll get back to the last minute studying. Wish me luck.

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