Windows 7 to Fedora 10?

I’ve been running Windows 7 on my HP NC2400 laptop for a few weeks now and it’s very nice to use. Problem is it’s not quite stable enough to be running day to day. Video playback casuses blue screens, network access – though very nicely done compared to Vista – is a bit flaky when talking to Linux SMB servers and using ISO mount tools has caused me more than a few headaches.

Oddly enough I’ve deicided to go from one pain in the ass to another. Fedora 9 wasn’t so cool when using my docking station so I’m gonna plonk Fedora 10 on and see what gives. If it’s better, I’ll keep it, if it’s not, I guess I’ll just have to go all the way back down to XP to get a fully useable system.

Don’t really want to after having my senses stretched with Win 7 and I don’t have a license for Vista so I’m a bit stuck really. We’ll see what happens in the next hour or so with the docking station setup.

I must say well done to the Windows 7 team for a very pleasant to use new GUI. It really is a very aestheticly pleasing and much more intuitive setup compared to Vista.

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