Thoughts on building muscle mass

It’s dawned on me recently that there’s a reason that people use the Bulk and Cut method to get muscle mass on board.

I’ve been trying with little success to put on lean and only lean size on for a long time and it really doesn’t work. I’m a hard gainer anyways, meaning my bodytype is Ectomorphic, slim wrists and ankles being a common indictator and eating what I thought was ‘just enough’ to cover putting weight on has never really worked.

Now I’ve recently started what is best described as a bulking routine, although I’m not eating MUCH more than I was I’m burning significantly less during the day as I’m not running 10k every lunchtime which is a good 700kcals kept back. Yeah I’m still doing something, like a 5k or a gym session of sorts for ancillary exercises like core, stretching and all the little ones you tend to miss which work your supprting muscles, but I’m concentrating much more on the compound exercises in the evening and I’m noticing good gains in strength and muscle tone in as little as 2 weeks.

Remembering I AM knocking back Creatine at the moment and I know that can retain water quite a bit, but I’m off that this week and back onto straight Protein supplements and will cycle the Creatine BiMonthly to give my organs a break from the plethora of Chemicals that come in Cyclone.

So here’s for another month or two of the bulk routine and I’ll get on/back on the cut routine come April and see where we’ve got to. 12st with any luck!

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