Just one more wafer thin flight?

When watching The Age of Stupid premiere on Sunday, I found it quite comforting to hear the producer answering a question on the subject of Climate Change with a rhetort that announced the decline in our planets environment as ‘a result of a western lifestyle’ which puts the onus fairly and squarly on our door. You, me, the western inhabitant. It’s not news to the more environmentally aware, I know, but I like to be reminded, life outside the environmentally concerned sphere goes on with too much disregard to this fact and needs to be told again and again and again. Just one flight by one celebrity flying to their premiere would have completely ruined their carbon budget for the film which worked out at 1% of a normal Hollywood production. How are we (the environmentally conscious) going to get people to realize that flying is an incredibly damaging privledge rather than a god given right?

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