On Protein Supplementation

Here’s to those of you nailing 10’s or even 100’s of pounds/dollars on Sports Nutrition out there.. Have a read of this.

  • 3g’s or more per kilo of body weight a day of protein is really quite BAD for you (Arteriosclerosis & Kidney Problems).
  • Generous and continuous Protein Supplementation leaves your body assuming that that much protein is always available in the diet, subsequently when you stop supplementation, muscle loss ocurrs due to the body not accounting for the fact it has to work again to extract protein efficently from food in it’s naturally ocurring amounts. (Nice way of you continuing to buy vendors products for fear of muscle loss eh!?)
  • It seems accepted that 1.6/1.7g’s per kilo of body weight a day is all enthusiastic gym goers and general atheletes need to ensure you are fuelling hypertrophy to it’s fullest extent.
  • When increasing calorific intake, the proportion of those Calories made up of Protein increases in a linear fashion. So anyone ‘eating well’ using  a wholefood/non refined food lifestyle can see that if you add up the protein intake from a 4000kcal a day intake will more than easily fulfil the daily requirements of Protein.
  • Protein Supplements seem useful in THREE very specific siuations.
    1. Timing, ensuring you get the Protein to the muscle in a timely manner, before and/or immediately after exercise.
    2. Convenenience, Not many people carry round snacks containing a rapidly absorbed protein compound they can get in them within 30 mins for finishing exercise.
    3. Elite Atheletes being trained by people very much more experienced and clever than me. I’m talking Pro Atheletes here, the sort of people that are putting in the amount of training hours a day equivalent to the hours I pilot my desk a day (lucky bastards).
  • As a result of knowing you’re receiving the correct amount of Protein from a good lifestyle, THE most IMPORTANT thing in attempting to support Hypertrophy is total Calorific intake. Getting in around 20% more than you estimate you need to support your weight on a maintenance basis is where you should start and you should expect to see gains of  0.5 – 1kg of lean weight a month. Much more or less than this and you should adjust your intake accordingly.

I hope this condensed snippet of information is useful to some of you washed up meatheads out there!


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