Nice Summer?

Hey all! You been enjoying the summer?
I certainly have, and with my new job starting on Monday I think I’ve wholly deserved it. I’ve enjoyed a nice couple of weeks off, although being at home has meant I’ve been loaded with a certain amount of anticipation and a tendancy to get the tech tools out to brush up on the skills before the new job.
God knows why I did that. if I’d have been have been abroad I wouldn’t have seen a screen for weeks so I feel a bit of an arse for doing it, just that it’s in my blood to get my shit together and make sure I’m feeling mildly confident at least on my first day.
Still, frustrations aside, new challenges await and I’m looking forward to getting paid as a debt free human being. It’s been an extremely long time since I’ve been able to say ‘I don’t owe anyone any money’ (9 years) but I can now say that with glee and I don’t intend on changing that in the near future! I must say I’m missing the old crew though. I hated leaving my old job, so many really genuinely nice people there and I really enjoyed my last day and was taken back by all the lovely messages people wrote for me, so if anyone’s reading.. Miss you!! 😦
Still, looking forwards and upwards!

Here’s to Life v2 folks! Cheers!

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