Seasons Greetings

Hola folks!

Greetings from the final death throws of 2009! It’s been an tough old year for me, changing jobs twice, losing family, getting relationships a bit wonky. Still, 2009 had it’s share of very bright moments also. LoL! As I’ve written that, I thought ‘what the bloody hell were they?’… Hmm.. well.. I feel like it’s definitely finishing with some kind of potential for change and shining light. My life in 2010 will be wholly different than the previous 4 or 5 where debt has pretty much ruled all.

Things I’ve decided I’d like to achieve for 2010 include:-

Learn the Piano. I’ve found a training system from which I’m going to try out as it’s not too expensive. I’d like a Yamaha P-85 Electric Piano but I’ll just get by with the Yamaha A1NX synth my housemate has lent me to see how well I get on with the basics.

Bulk up to 12 Stone and then cut back down to 11.5/75. I’m running with one of JoeDefranco’s 12 week plans currently and I’m on week 4. It seems to be going well and I’ll post about my experience with it in a couple of months.

Qualify myself as Cisco CCNP to compliment my CCSP credentials, I’ve my BCMSN exam booked for the 21st Jan already, I’ve previously failed both the BCMSN and ONT exams but hope to smash them this time round and emerge victorious as a Networking Ninja.

We’ll see how this lot goes as to how I treat the second half of 2010, as although I can see past then, it very much depends on how I do in the first part as to whether or not I continue to pursue these goals or align myself to something else.

I hope you all have a great end to 2009 and get everything you hoped for for 2010.

Be Cool


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