1 down, 3 to go

Yesterday I completed the BCMSN exam successfully, but damn, I was rusty!

I’d forgotten about all the prep to make myself comfortable I used to do, and did Cisco chuck the most monstrous question at me for question 1 of 58!? Damn!? I spent 15mins of my allocated 90mins on that first question. I really felt like a rabbit in the headlights! Obviously I recovered well and got my shit together but it really spun me out and gave me brainache.

Still, that said, I’m chuffed, and starting to get my shit together to prep for the BCSI which I’ll book when I feel like it’s all starting to go in.

Something else Cisco have chucked in there to help with the integrity of their qualifications which I wholly believe to be the best in the industry, is that the retake date has now increased to 180 days, so you’ve got 6 months before you can retake a failed exam! You REALLY don’t wanna muck em up now!



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