On switching Sports Nutrition supplements

I’ve recently been back onto a months worth of Maximuscle Cyclone to help increase lean mass. It’s results aren’t as clear as perhaps I’d hoped, though I’m stronger and heavier than I’ve ever been so it can’t exactly have been doing any harm.

Thing is I really wanted to do two things whilst continuing to supplement my diet with sports nutrition products.

Firstly, I wanted to reduce the total protein intake from supplementation, and increase my real food intake, subsequently increasing ratio of calorie and protein totals from real food instead.

Secondly I wanted to get away from such large doses of Creatine which are present in Cyclone.

My reasons are as follows:-

Although it’s generally accepted that protein requirements are increased amongst weightlifters and athletes, the extent to which they are increased is subject to continuing debate. Excessive protein intake (more than 3g/kg bw/day) may have various negative effects on the body including kidney damage, increased blood lipoprotein levels (which have been associated with the development of arteriosclerosis and dehydration).
One potential problem with the habitual consumption of a high protein diet is that the enzymes involved in protein breakdown may be up-regulated. This in effect means that you become dependant on a high protein diet to maintain muscle mass.

Creatine, although proved to increase strength, power and body mass of between 1 -2KG, the weight gain is mostly lean tissue in the form of retained water and I’ve no interest in relying on Creatine intake to maintain muscle size and strength for sustained periods, for cost and convenience reasons mostly.

My change in mind resulted in purchasing Promax Extreme and Recovermax to replace the standard 2 shakes a day of Cyclone.

Recovermax is a 3:1 Carbs protein recovery drink with 1g of Creatine which I consider fine compared to the 10g of Creatine per day I was receiving with Cyclone. I can use Recovermax the moment I finish my workout and get those Carbs, Protein and few other ‘performance nutrients’ which I’m not so bothered about in the tank as soon as possible.
The claims are that Recovermax will make a difference to my rate of recovery and that will be an advantage to me if it’s true as I’m training 5-6 days a week.

The decision to use Promax Extreme was as a night time drink with milk. Promax is recommended to be taken with 200ml fluids so that’s not an uncomfortable amount just before bedtime unlike the 400ml needed for cyclone, and taking it with milk will mean the slower dietary amino acid absorption in casein will benefit overnight repairs and muscle building whilst I’m out of action. It’s also only 24g of supplemented protein and 1.6g of Creatine per shake.

As a result my total supplemented Protein and Creatine end up as

Protein: 40g down from 60g, out of a recommended daily total of 116-124g per day.
Creatine : 2.6g reduced down from 10g

Obviously I don’t want to lose any size and weight so I’m going to eat another meal or two a day to compensate for this change, but I think it’s the right way to go for now and I’ll report on my experiences with this model in the coming months.


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