Going all the way

So, without going into a fair amount of psychological analysis of myself for the past 6 months, the upshot is I’ve had to make the decision to either go turn into a student, get student loaned up and turn out in 2014 with a Bsc in Sports Science and £30k+ in debt but end up doing what I think is more rewarding and healthier career, OR make the final push in the IT qualifications game and go all out to get my CCIE R+S to perhaps give me the pay to be more comfortable in life, and/or springboard me through Uni with some cash behind me and the ability to go do some contracting whilst at there and earn good money whilst doing so.

After alot of thinking, conflab and general idea floating, I’ve decided to shelve the Uni route for a couple of years and do my CCIE R+S.

It’s actually not that far away per-se. I’ve read of people attaining the qualification within 20 months all the way from CCNA to CCIE. I’m already well down that path of certification and have two exams left for CCNP which are BSCI and TSHOOT. Then it’s all out for the CCIE Routing and Switching.

I’ve a few switches left to get for my lab which work is kindly hosting and then I’m all set, but in the meantime in just plodding on through the BSCI material till I get to my exam on the 27July.

Wish me luck!

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