642-902 ROUTE exam

So, I took this exam last week and failed. Scored 777/1000 and needed 790/1000. Harsh, but fair at least. There’s a reason there’s a pass mark and I got shown up by the labs on a couple of areas, which of course I’m now addressing.

I spent 2 months prepping for the exam which I thought was fair time given I hadn’t touched routing protocols – and routers really – since my CCNA back in ’06. It’s a hard exam, but not impossible by any means. Read the exam description on the Cisco Learning website, if by reading that you notice there’s no RIP, IS-IS or Multicast in the exam description, that would be a fair assumption. The depth of knowledge on the remaining topics that are questioned in the exam is noticed though. I would get a full grip on all three routing protocols remaining in the exam as it will test you, quite thoroughly.

So I’m re-sitting the exam this coming Friday and feel this time I’m fully ready as I really hadn’t grasped a couple of concepts completely and that was what let me down on the day. I’ll be having a couple of weeks of to rest and not study every night and then straight onto TSHOOT for sometime before Christmas, then dare I say it, CCIE written in early ’11..

On a side note, since I’ve been wanting to have more actual consoles open on my lab, I’ve taken to using SecureCRT rather than PuTTY. The multiple tabs are a breath of fresh air like when browsers started shipping with tabs, and means I don’t have to use my access server’s escape sequence to swop between consoles and miss output that I’m watching in debugs. Very cool, for me at least.

So, must dash, OSPF labs today.
Be Cool.
P x

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