Lactate Threshold Test for Power

    Combined data from and Joe Friel’s sites:-
    1 Hours worth of time on the bike – static trainer/turbo/wattbike preferred.
    How the hour shapes up:
      1-15mins = warm-up pace


      15-20mins = time trial pace


      20-25mins = spin easy


      25-35mins = time trial pace keeping a little in reserve


      35-55mins = time trial pace


    55-60mins = cool down
    Description of the hour:
      Execute 25 minutes of warm up to prep for the test.


    During warm up, get in 1 x 5 min all out Time Trial effort after 15minutes, then spin easy until you get in the full 25 minutes. It’s important that in each month in which you test, your warm-up is the same. Do this test somewhere that you can come back and re-test each month.
      After 15mins of warm up pace, activate with one 5 mins effort of time trial pace, then return to warm up pace for another 5mins.


    Once warmed up and ready to go immediately start the test. The key to this test is pacing. Almost everyone starts at too great an intensity and then fades in the last few minutes. It’s not unusual to hear of athletes failing to finish the test the first time because of starting out too fast. Tell yourself you’ll hold back just a little the first 10 minutes and continually remind yourself of this once the test begins. At exactly ten minutes into the test (35mins total) click the lap button on your heart rate monitor. Then when the test ends at 55mins in, click the stop button. You now will have three heart rate ­data points captured on your heart rate monitor—average heart rate for the first ten minutes (25-35), average for the last twenty minutes (35-55), and average for the entire thirty minutes (25-55). The one we are interested in is your average for the last twenty minutes. This a good estimate of your anaerobic threshold heart rate.
    Bike Heart Rate Zones – using the resulting data from the test.
      Zone 1 Less than 81% of LTHR


      Zone 2 81% to 89% of LTHR


      Zone 3 90% to 93% of LTHR


      Zone 4 94% to 99% of LTHR


      Zone 5a 100% to 102% of LTHR


      Zone 5b 103% to 106% of LTHR


    Zone 5c More than 106% of LTHR


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