You cannot use the vSphere client to edit the settings of virtual machines of version 10 or higher


This was the message that greeted me after upgrading my ESXi Hypervisor with Free license to 5.5.
I’ve applied an Enterprise license to see if there’s a difference to the host license applied and there’s no change to the behaviour.

It seems if you don’t want the hassle of using a CLI to interact with your VM’s on a Hypervisor license, DO NOT UPGRADE THE VIRTUAL HARDWARE OF YOUR VMs to Version 10 hardware. Unless you’re running vCenter of course.

I’m unable to see a way round this to restore the use of the vSphere Client as a tool to modify the settings of the VM, and let’s be clear, all I want to do is change the vSwitch a VM is connected to as my LAB ESXi box is hooked up to four different switches and I move the VM’s around to recreate different scenarios.

I’m gutted. I’ll update if I find anything to help or back myself out of this mess.

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