Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment AZ-100

Microsoft’s recently announced an update to the Azure exam track, replacing the administration, developer and architect exams. The administration exam “Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 70-533” is being replaced with the “Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment AZ-100” and “Microsoft Azure Integration and Security AZ-101”. Both are available in Beta and I’ve committed to take the AZ-100 early August.

If you have already passed the 70-533, you can take a transition exam, the “Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Transition AZ-102”.

Here’s the Microsoft Learning Blog Post

The 70-533 exam held the following measurement categories;

Design and Implement Azure App Service Apps (10-15%)
Create and Manage Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines (20-25%)
Design and Implement a Storage Strategy (10-15%)
Implement Virtual Networks (15-20%)
Design and Deploy ARM Templates (10-15%)
Manage Azure Security and Recovery Services (25-30%)
Manage Azure Operations (5-10%)
Manage Azure Identities (5-10%)

The AZ-100 exam holds the following measurement categories;

Manage Azure subscriptions and resources (15-20%)
Implement and manage storage (20-25%)
Deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs) (20-25%)
Configure and manage virtual networks (20-25%)
Manage identities (15-20%)

I’m happy to see “Design and Implement Azure App Service Apps” drop off. It wasn’t appropriate from the perspective of a on-premises compute administrator moving to administer Azure. The subject was so abstract that I had to read Sasha Rosenbaum’s great book “Serverless computing in Azure with .NET” just to even try to grasp what was going on in the 70-533 training material. Learn a thing just to understand why I’d do a thing.

How the “Design and Deploy ARM Templates” is either de-focused or folded into the Deploy and Manage Virtual Machines section will be for me to see on the exam, but I’ll assume it’s implicit in “Deploy and manage virtual machines”.

Overall, I’m looking forward to this unexpected challenge. I’ll report back on the 9th to give a steer on the learning content that’s most applicable for the exam.

Take care


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