Lost in translation

Since I’ve been spending a chunk of my time chasing booty on one of the Internet’s larger dating sites, I think I’m slowly realising why My Single Lifeā„¢ is perhaps being stretched out a little more than it could be.
My cheeky and sometimes borderline rude way of addressing people which is usually accompanied with a Cheshire grin to match any cat when in person, is not really received the same way when introducing myself on an email.
I’m guessing any chicks out there that have been un/fortunate enough to be bothered by me are probably cursing my rudeness as they read anything I’ve written and hitting the delete key with unusual ferocity. This all came to light when mentioning my ‘technique’ to some buddies as I’d spotted a real nice looking chick and was on tenterhooks waiting for a response, at which point I realised I probably wouldn’t be getting a reply…. again!

So here in lies my predicament.. I’ve actually got to be nice to people!?! Damn it.. this could be tough ..

Jam for Bread!

I’m popping up to Shepards Bush Empire to a gig which in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights act, will raise money for The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture. Makes a change for causes seeing as I mainly support environmental movements.

So whilst I’ll be providing the bread, the artists jammin will include a personal fave – Bonobo, alongside Beardyman, Lou Rhodes and Jamie Woon. There’s more on the bill but I’ve not heard of them. It’ll be an interesting night in all! For the full lowdown hit the site.

Marathon Shmarathon

It’s 9 days till the Flora London Marathon 2008, I’ve been in training since Feburary 2nd if I remember rightly and I’m feeling pretty lack lustre about the whole thing.
Those that know me, understand that I’ve trained everyday since early feburary putting in hundreds of miles over the past couple of months with the intention of putting in a finish time to better my 3hrs 39mins result from last year.

I was doing brilliantly, with no visits to the physio, no nagging tendon pains in my knee, and feeling more powerful whilst running, that is till mid march.
I managed to catch a cold on the 17th which is still with me to today and just if I thought I was all but clear of that, I managed to somehow damage my Achilles tendon just behind the heel whilst out doing a 10 miler.
I’m pretty much limping it hurts that much when I contract my calf to push off when walking.

So taper down training has now turned into gym visits to the cycle machine as it’s the only thing I can do which’ll spin my heart over at a running pace without repetative heavy strain on my tendon.

Here’s hoping it turns all good for the big day and I can get round in at least a jog. I’ll be gutted beyond belief if I have to walk round because of injury.

Mr B

Hi folks, I’ve been away!

Hiya, and sorry for being away for so long, those who’ve been keeping track of me and all.

I’ve finally folded and gone for internet hosted services which are kindly and freely provided by http://www.wordpress.com themselves. I don’t host my own server anymore which is kinda a good thing and a bad thing, but I’m over it and I’m glad to be blogging again.
I’ve felt like I’ve had a gag on for the past few months not being able to share my views, thoughts epiphanies and frustrations with you all, but still, here I am so I’m happy now.

I’ll actually write something of interest later on but for now I’m just happy to be back.

Be cool all, and enjoy the little bit of sunshine we’ve got!

Mr B